I'm Terri Foster, an above-the-knee amputee with a long history of sciatica. Now I am on a mission to share my journey and empower others to find relief and reclaim their lives from persistent pain. As a wellness coach and advocate, I specialize in holistic pain management strategies, incorporating the healing power of essential oils and the MELT Method.

Through my blog and classes, I provide guidance, practical tips, and evidence-based techniques to help individuals navigate their pain journey and embrace a lifestyle of wellness. Join me in discovering the transformative power of holistic relief, one step at a time.

I enjoy sharing tips on Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest. You can find me on all platforms @iambionicwoman. Be sure to send me a message and say Hi!


Explore my self-care tips and pain management techniques.


Discover the multitude of uses and recipes for essential oils. Transform your everyday routines with the power of aromatherapy.


The MELT Method is specifically designed to support individuals in achieving a more active and healthy life. Classes are conveniently offered both in person in Santa Clarita and virtually through Zoom.

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Private sessions are available in person or on Zoom.

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