What is MELT?

If you are in pain, I SEE YOU!

I had chronic sciatica pain for 15 years. There wasn't a day that I didn't have that nerve pain throbbing down my leg into my big toe.

Chronic pain stole 15 years of my life but I was determined to get it back.

Now I want to help others get their life back using self care tools and techniques AT HOME.

Allow me to share more about how The MELT Method helped me . . .

Here's what happened . . .

In my early 30's I started experiencing back pain for the first time during my second pregnancy. I brought home my beautiful baby girl and went back to work but the pain didn't go away. I went on what I thought was a temporary leave from work to try and get better. Little did I know it would take 15 years to start to feel better.

The problem was . . .

Basically, there was nothing medically that could be done.  I had to learn to live with it and manage the pain with meds.  It was demoralizing and humiliating to walk into the pharmacy every month.

Alternative healing methods that took a whole body approach helped but weren't covered by insurance and were very costly.

There was not a quick fix or a pill that was going to solve my problem. I had to learn how to take care of my body and its unique needs.

Redefining Pain Management

I started to realize if I ever wanted to get off these horrible meds and stop the cycle of endless doctor appointments I would have to take matters into my own hands. I would have to advocate for my own health and change the way I viewed pain management and health care.

Instead of masking my symptoms I had to make my health a priority and this started with self care. No one was going to care for my body better than me!

I searched for experts who were teaching holistic "whole body" techniques and dedicated time to learning and paying attention to what helped and what didn't.

How I found The MELT Method . . .

Melt was recommended by a friend, so I signed up for a class through the local Santa Clarita Parks and Recreation. I quickly realized this was something different.

Finally! Something I could do AT HOME to support my body's natural healing ability that did not cause more pain.

The MELT Therapy tools (soft foam roller and therapy balls) cost less than the massages I needed every month. My reliance on expensive self care treatments (massage, chiropractic, etc...) were greatly reduced and I didn't have to go as often. This self care technique was saving me time and money and I started to feel better.

It was empowering to be able to care for my body AT HOME. I also found that not many people knew about the Melt Method so I became a Certified Melt Instructor.

Who is Melt for?

Everyone! Anyone can Melt! These techniques can be easily modified and done seated in a chair, at a desk or even on the bed.

If you have pain you will get relief from the very first self treatment. Once you learn the techniques you only need to practice for 10 minutes - 3 times a week to continue feeling better and making changes in your body.

This is a great technique for proactive care if you are engaged in repetitive motions such as the computer, typing on your phone, driving, gardening, lifting weights, etc...

By stimulating the hands and feet with the specialized MELT Tools, this easy-to-learn treatment can help reduce these common painful symptoms in just minutes a day:

  • hand, foot, back, and neck pain
  • plantar fasciitis, bunions, neuromas
  • arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger
  • headaches, gut issues, and insomnia!

What is the MELT Method ®

MELT is not exercise or a workout replacement, it’s not stretching, and not your typical foam rolling. We use a special soft foam roller that allows our spine and joints to decompress. This is very different from traditional foam rolling where you roll into the pain . . . ouch!

It is a science-backed self-care technique that anyone can use AT HOME to stay active, enhance performance, and get out (and stay out) of pain.

Melt can be done in conjunction with your current treatments. You don't have to abandon what is already working for you. It is actually recommended you Melt before a treatment to enhance the benefits or physical activity for better overall performance.


The MELT Method is based on the New York Times Bestseller

 "A little proactive self-care goes a long way to keep you pain-free and active for a lifetime."
Sue Hitzmann

Come to a MELT Intro workshop and experience changes in how your body looks and feels. Learn simple self-treatments you can do at home to remain active, healthy, and pain-free for life.

Discover how to erase pain and tension in your hands, feet, neck, and low back brought on by everyday stress, overuse, and age. This simple self-treatment can make your whole body feel better and provide relief from neck and low back pain, arthritis, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Learn how the connective tissue in your hands and feet gets dehydrated, the common aches and pains it can cause, and how to rehydrate this essential system in your body for vibrant health and pain-free movement.

Classes offered for all abilities!

Private sessions online and in-person

Small Group classes online and in-person

Intro Workshops and Group classes in local community centers

At Home Classes (Zoom and video library)

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