Winter Diffuser Blend Recipes

Winter Diffuser Blend Recipes

Winter is the perfect time to cozy up at home and create a warm and inviting atmosphere. One way to achieve this is by using a diffuser to fill your space with delightful scents. Whether you're hosting a holiday gathering or simply enjoying a quiet evening by the fire, these winter diffuser blend recipes will help set the mood and create a sense of comfort.

Essential oil diffusion is the process of dispersing the aromatic molecules of essential oils into the air, allowing them to be inhaled and absorbed by the body. This method of using essential oils is known for its therapeutic effects on the mind and body.

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Tips for diffusing essential oils

  1. Choose the recipe you are going to try below.
  2. Refer to the operating instructions that accompanied your diffuser if this is the first time using it.  Each diffuser is a little different. 
  3. When diffusing essential oils around pets, children and elderly be mindful of where your diffuser is placed and use less drops of oil.  You also never want to enclose an animal in a room and allow them the option to leave the room if the scent is too strong.  Their sense of smell is a lot stronger than ours!
  4. Open your diffuser and notice the little pad on the bottom.  This is the ultrasonic unit that disperses the essential oil into teeny tiny drops into the air.
  5. Add the drops of essential oil and fill with tap water to the water line. No need to use distilled water.  Filling past the water line usually will stop the diffuser from working.
  6. Place the lid back on and choose your settings.  Most diffuser have the option to have lights on or off and have an intermittent setting.  The intermittent setting is especially useful around pets and small children.  The diffuser will run for a few minutes and shut off for a few minutes rather than running continuously.

You will need an essential oil diffuser and essential oils.

I am a Certified Essential Oil Specialist and use doTERRA essential oils because of their pure tested standard.  Every drop is third party tested for purity and they have no additives or synthetics. The essential oil industry is not well regulated.  Despite what you read on the labels, most essential oils on the market are fragrance oils that contain additives and synthetics and have no therapeutic benefits. 

If you are looking for pure essential oils grown all over the world in the environment they grow best then you may want to consider doTERRA. 

Get started with the ➡️Aroma Essentials Kit.  It comes with a beautiful diffuser and 10 popular essential oils and blends.  If you shop with my link I make a small commission at no extra cost to you.


Also pictured is the diffuser I have used in my living room for years.  It has a large capacity and runs for a long time.  I never recommend you buy your essential oils on Amazon though.  It's too easy to empty and replace the essential oil in a bottle and the buyer is none the wiser.

Winter Diffuser Blend Recipes

1. Winter Wonderland

One of my favorite oil blends is Holiday Joy. I love to diffuse it alone and blend it with others. It’s the perfect wintertime blend.

💧 4 drops Holiday Joy*
💧 2 drops Peppermint


2. Peace and Joy

In my humble opinion, there is no better wintertime blend than Peace and Joy. Then blend the two together to create the ultimate holiday aroma.

💧 4 drops Holiday Peace*
💧 4 drops Holiday Joy*


3. Mistletoe

Meet me under the mistletoe…diffuse this blend at your holiday parties this year. It’s the perfect blend.

💧 3 drops Holiday Peace*
💧 2 drops Peppermint
💧 1 drop Cassia  




4. Walking through the woods on a snowy evening

This diffuser blend was created for the poet Robert Frost and his famous poem.

"To appreciate the beauty of a snowflake it is necessary to stand out in the cold."
- Aristotle

💧 2 drops Siberian Fir
💧 2 drops Douglas Fir
💧 2 drops Cypress
💧 2 drops Juniper Berry


winter diffuser recipe

5. Long Winter's Nap

If the cold weather makes you want to curl up in a blanket and drink a cup of hot tea and take a nap, toss this in your diffuser and kick back.

💧 3 drops Vetiver
💧 2 drops Lavender
💧 2 drops Balance


6. In the Pines

The evergreens are showing their beauty, and the smell of the woods is calling my name.

💧 4 drops Frankincense
💧 3 drops Douglas Fir
💧 4 drops Cedarwood


7. Sleigh Ride

Dashing through the snow…without the chilly breeze is possible.

💧 3 drops Holiday Peace*
💧 1 drop Peppermint
💧 1 drop Eucalyptus


8. First Snow

The first snowfall of the year is always a beautiful sight. Enjoy it from the warmth of inside your home with this yummy diffuser blend.

💧 2 drops Spearmint
💧 2 drops Juniper Berry
💧 2 drops Peace


9. Fireplace

If you love the crackling and aroma of a real wood fireplace burning, you will be obsessed with this blend in your diffuser!  All the warmth of the fireplace, without the smoke.

💧 4 drops Cedarwood
💧 2 drops Vetiver
💧 1 drop Patchouli


10. Snow Angels

When was the last time you actually made a snow angel? Talk about embracing your inner child…maybe try it out this winter!

💧 3 drops Peppermint (or try SuperMint)
💧 3 drops Vanilla
💧 2 drops Cardamom


Holiday Peace and Joy Recipes*

Holiday Peace and Holiday Joy are limited time blends offered by doTERRA essential oils.  Here are substitute recipes to try if the blends are unavailable at this time. 

Holiday Peace

💧 1 drop Siberian Fir
💧 1 drop Douglas Fir
💧 2 drops Grapefruit
💧 1 drop Frankincense

Holiday Joy

💧 3 drops Wild Orange
💧 2 drops Peppermint
💧 2 drops Frankincense


Experiment with these winter diffuser blend recipes and find the ones that resonate with you the most. Whether you're looking to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere or simply enjoy the delightful scents of the season, these blends will help you achieve the perfect ambiance. Embrace the magic of winter and make your home a warm and welcoming haven.

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