Wellness with essential oils

Wellness with essential oils

These are my five must-have roller blend recipes and mask refresh spray for wellness with essential oils. Making these ahead of time makes it so much easier when situations arise to just grab and roll (or spray).

What are essential oils? They are naturally occurring aromatic compounds that come from plants, seeds and bark. 

If you learned that you can change your mood just by smelling, which emotion would you choose more of? Which emotion would you choose less of? Hold that thought! Essential oils may be the solution you are looking for.

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There are three ways to use essential oils.

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We can use essential oils aromatically every time we feel like we need to take a deep breath, change our mood, reduce stress, or open our airways. You can smell them right out of the bottle, use a diffuser, or put them on your collar, hair or diffuser jewelry.

Essential oils are used topically anywhere it hurts, on our abdomen for stomach upset, head tension, cuts and scrapes or itchy areas. Anything we put on our skin is absorbed into our bloodstream.

Use oils internally when we want a whole body effect such as boost our immunity and metabolism. We can add them to a glass of water, drop them under our tongue or add them to a veggie capsule.  Check the label to ensure you are using oils safe for internal use.  Most oils such as fragrance essential oils are not safe for internal use.

We can reduce our toxic exposure by replacing many of our beauty and cleaning products with essential oils.

Wellness with Essential Oils Roller Blend Recipes

I am going to show you how easy it is to make 5 roller blends ready to use with your essential oils. All you need are some glass roller bottles (5ml or 10ml), a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil and essential oils. The essential oils I am using are doTERRA because they are tested and certified pure.

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You can use these recipes in more than one way! The recipes can easily be adapted for a diffuser so that the whole house can enjoy the benefits. Just reduce the oil drops needed to half, omit the carrier oil and add them to your diffuser. If you want to make a spray simply replace the carrier oil with witch hazel or water.

Don't forget to label your roller blends.  I used Avery 6570 labels.

Roller blend for more Energy

Peppermint essential oil has so many uses. It is cooling, helps with focus and attention, respiratory, bug bites, sore muscles, head tension, digestive issues, fresh breath and more!

To make this blend more uplifting and add even more energy we can add a citrus to the mix.

Roller blend for mood

Did you know that you can change your mood just by smelling? Wild Orange and other citrus oils will work to boost your mood and help you feel happier without side effects, toxins or addictions. The components in this essential oil will be able to reach your brain in just seconds by traveling through your olfactory nerve. It is a safe and quick way to change your mood in less than 30 seconds.

Balance essential oil is a grounding blend. It helps you get control of your emotions and handle them with YOU in the driver's seat. It is an incredible oil for adults and children as well.

Combine these two essential oils in a roller, diffuser or add a drop of each to diffuser jewelry.

Roller Blend for Immunity

If we are talking about Immune Health we have to talk about On Guard Protective blend. It works to boost your immune system with essential oils such as wild orange, cinnamon, clove and more.

You can diffuse On Guard for the aromatic benefit and immune support for the entire family. You can use On Guard topically on the spine and bottom of the feet daily. It is also perfect for internal use. Add it to a spoonful of honey, in water or under your tongue.

Frankincense is the king of oils and works on a cellular level. It also amplifies the other essential oils in this blend. Tea Tree, Oregano, and Lemon are also amazing oils for supporting the immune system and help fight the ick. Consistency is key! Use this roller on the bottom of your feet or spine every 3-4 hours when you are feeling under the weather.

Refresh Mask Spray

Another essential oil for immunity is Breathe respiratory blend. It is great in the diffuser or topically to open up your airways. My favorite use is in a mask spray to help me breathe better.

In this recipe use witch hazel instead of fractionated coconut oil for its skin benefits.

Roller Blend for Sleep

We can combine two essential oil blends for calm, relaxing, restful sleep. Serenity is a restful blend of essential oils. We will also add Lavender for its soothing benefits. Lavender is really easy to grow in your backyard or by the side of the highway. But, doTERRA Lavender is sourced from Bulgaria where it grows best. They don't use chemicals or pesticides and the plants have a higher Ester count because of the optimal growing conditions. When essential oils are pure we get consistent results with every use and the most health benefits.

Roll this blend on the bottom of your feet, back of your neck or inside your palms and inhale it. You can make a pillow spray by replacing the carrier oil with witch hazel and water in a spray bottle. You can also add these oils to a diffuser 30 minutes before bedtime.

Roller Blend for Relief

You’re going to love this blend. You’ll want to use this blend topically on whatever is bothering you. Copaiba is incredible for your joints and enhances the properties of the other oils so the long term benefits will continue after you use it. Deep Blue is a soothing blend and perfect for anything that hurts. Wintergreen provides a powerful, warming sensation that will really relax the muscles. Wintergreen is not included in the Starter Kits. So if you don't have it no worries. Replace with 2 drops of Peppermint essential oil.

To enhance the benefits of the essential oils add a moist warm compress. This helps drive the oils even deeper into the tissue.

You can also add this blend to epsom salt for a relaxing bath or foot soak. Our feet have large pores and the oils will absorb quickly into our bloodstream. To avoid skin sensitivity add the essential oils to the epsom salt first then add the mixture to your bath. We know that oil and water do not mix and the oils will sit on top of the water if added directly to water.


Supplies Needed:

The roller bottles, fractionated coconut oil and essential oils can be purchased on my doTERRA website.  The Healthy Start kit or Healthy Essentials Kit have all the oils you need to make these rollers. 

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