How to Use Wild Orange Essential Oil

How to Use Wild Orange Essential Oil

How do you feel when you walk by a blossoming orange tree? When you inhale the scent do you get an instant happy feeling? Wild orange essential oil is uplifting and energizing. The refreshing and sweet scent makes it one of the most popular essential oils. There are over 1500 research studies published about the benefits of orange oil. Learn how to use wild orange essential oil, its benefits and recipes.

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    Top uses for wild orange

    • For a gentle detox add a few drops to your water
    • Diffuse to create an uplifting environment and freshen the air.
    • When making your morning smoothie add a few drops
    • Preserve leather and wood by adding a few drops to a cloth and rubbing in.
    • Make a surface cleanser
    • Diffuse with peppermint oil to help wake up and feel energized
    • Inhale directly from cupped hands for an energy boost and mood lifter
    • Make a healthy dip of plain yogurt with a few drops of wild orange
    • Diffuse with Frankincense or Balance grounding blend at night to help calm a racing mind.
    • While traveling add a few drops to a cotton ball and place in the air vent.
    • Add a few drops to your DIY playdough recipe for an aromatherapy experience.

    Essential oil safety

    Pure wild orange essential oil can be used aromatically, topically and internally. It is safe for babies, adults and elderly.

    To avoid photosensitivity with citrus essential oils do not apply on skin that will exposed to the sun within 12 hours.

    Never place essential oils in your eyes, ears, nose or sensitive areas. If an essential oil is irritating to the skin it will not help to rinse the area with water because oil and water do not mix. Apply a vegetable based oil to the area to reduce the irritation.

    According to Janet Roark, DVM oils to avoid topically and internally with cats are: citrus oils (bergamot, grapefruit, lemon, lime, orange, tangerine), birch, tea tree, peppermint, spearmint and wintergreen. When diffusing wild orange in your home follow safe practices if you have pets.

    When in doubt, dilute, dilute, dilute! See topical uses below for more information about why and how we dilute essential oils.

    For more safety information, recipes and dilution charts download a FREE 10-page guide to Essential Oils Made Easy!

    Where does wild orange essential oil come from?

    Essential oils are volatile aromatic compounds found in plants, seeds, bark, flowers and trees. Wild orange essential oil is cold pressed from the fresh fruit peels not the fruit. doTERRA produces its essential oil from oranges in Greece and Brazil where the climate and growing conditions produce the best citrus oil in the world. It takes approximately 10 pounds of oranges to produce a 15mL bottle of essential oil.

    How to use wild orange essential oil aromatically

    When inhaled essential oils can positively effect our mood and emotions in less than 30 seconds. The scent molecules of the essential oil enter through the olfactory nerve which sends messages to the limbic system. The limbic system acts as the command center for our mood and emotions.

    To use a diffuser add the essential oil drops and then add tap water to the fill line. Each diffuser is a little different and you may have to refer to manufacturer directions. Some have a timed setting for 2, 4, 6 hours or more. An intermittent setting is when the diffuser will run for a few minutes, turn off for a few minutes and then back on and so forth.

    Pet safety when diffusing essential oils in your home

    • When in doubt refer to a trusted resource. My favorite vet who specializes in using essential oil with pets is Janet Roark, DVM and her website is called Essential Oil Vet.
    • Animals have a much stronger sense of smell than we do and scents can be overwhelming to them. Reduce the amount of drops you add to your diffuser especially in smaller rooms.
    • Allow your pet to leave the room where you are diffusing. Never diffuse and enclose your pet in the room.
    • It is recommended you use a water based diffuser because the amount of oil released into the air at one time is very small. Keep your diffuser out of their reach.
    • If you observe odd behavior stop diffusing that oil and investigate further.

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    Wild Orange Diffuser Blends

    Summer Breeze

    • 3 drops wild orange
    • 3 drops lemon oil
    • 2 drops lavender oil

    New Car scent

    • 3 drops Wintergreen oil
    • 3 drops Wild Orange oil

    Great Morning

    • 2 drops Wild Orange oil
    • 3 drops Bergamot oil
    • 1 drop Lavender oil

    How to use wild orange topically

    Topical use is simply placing the oil on your skin where it is absorbed into the tissue and enters the bloodstream. We can dilute essential oils with a carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil) to slow that absorption and avoid sensitivity. To effect the whole body apply them topically to the bottom of the feet, spine or navel.

    To avoid photosensitivity with citrus essential oils do not apply on skin that will exposed to the sun within 12 hours. Never place essential oils in your eyes, ears, nose or sensitive areas.

    Essential oils can be applied to the skin directly from the bottle. To dilute the oil first add the carrier oil to your palm and then add the essential oil. Rub your palms together and rub it in or dip your finger in the mixture and apply where you need it.

    Energy Roller Blend

    Add 15 drops of each Peppermint and Wild Orange to a 15mL roller bottle and fill the rest with fractionated coconut oil.

    • Roll on wrists and back of neck for an afternoon pick me up and a cooling effect.
    • Roll inside palms and inhale from palms.

    Do not apply citrus essential oils to skin exposed to the sun to avoid photosenstivity.

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    How to make a roller blend

    Roller blends make using your oils convenient, easy and ready to use. In a 10mL roller bottle add the essential oil drops and fill the rest with a carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil. See the chart below for suggested essential oil drops.

    A carrier oil is a vegetable based oil such as jojoba, argan oil, sweet almond and avocado oil. My favorite is fractionated coconut oil because it has no scent, is clear and doesn't stain clothing and it absorbs nicely into the skin. Fractionated coconut oil is the same coconut oil you probably have in your kitchen cupboard but some of the fat is removed so that it stays liquid and doesn't solidify, which makes it a great carrier oil.

    General dilution guidelines

    Pure essential oils are 50-70 times more potent than herbs. Dilution does not reduce the effectiveness of the essential oil but enhances its absorption and reduces sensitivity.

    When in doubt dilute! Here are some general guidelines but always take into consideration your own health condition.

    • 1 teaspoon = approximately 100 drops of oil
    • Under 12 years old use 1 drop of essential oil per year in age in 1 tsp of carrier oil
      • Ex. 5 years old = 5 drops of essential oil in 1 tsp carrier oil
      • Bottom of the feet where the skin is thickest is the safest area of application for littles.
    • Healthy adults use 20-40 drops total of essential oil in a 10mL roller bottle then fill the rest with a carrier oil.
    • Seniors and sensitive skin use 10-20 drops total essential oil in a 10mL roller bottle.

    How to use wild orange internally

    Wild orange essential oil is only safe for internal use with pure essential oils. Look for a nutritional facts label and internal use directions on the bottle before using an essential oil internally. Do Not Use fragrance essential oils internally. Use glass or stainless steel when adding essential oil to your water especially with citrus oil as they break down plastic.

    Wild orange essential oil is high in limonene. Limonene helps the body product glutathione which is helpful in detoxing the liver.

    • Add to sparkling water along with a drop of lime for a refreshing soda replacer
    • Flavor your water naturally with a drop of wild orange added
    • Add 1-2 drops to your favorite brownie recipe
    • Melt chocolate and infuse with wild orange essential oil
    • Add a couple of drops to your spiced apple cider

    Wild Orange recipes

    Wild Orange Whipped Cream

    Add 1-2 drops of wild orange to fresh whipped cream. Add to fresh fruit, waffles, desserts or hot chocolate

    Wild orange peanut butter sandwich

    Mix 1-2 drops of wild orange into peanut butter. Top with sliced fruit and a drizzle of honey.

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