How to Make a Roller Blend with Essential Oils

How to Make a Roller Blend with Essential Oils

Roller blends are great for their convenience and ease of use. There are some blends you will find you use frequently or want to have ready to use. It is so much faster to grab the roller blend all ready to use and roll it on.

It is also convenient to have your favorite blends pre-diluted according to who you are using them on. For example, on pets and small children we want to dilute at a 1% - 2% dilution rate. What this means is for every 1 drop of essential oil we would need to add 100 drops of essential oil to make a 1% dilution blend.

What I do is I will dilute the roller for adult strength and if I use it on a small child I will add fractionated coconut oil to dilute it further. But, I do not have small children anymore. If you have small children in your home it may be easier to make your rollers child strength. They will work great on adults too!

If you are just starting out using essential oils - start slow. Essential oils support our bodies best when we use less and consistently. Consistency is key!

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How to dilute essential oils

How are you at math? Don't worry! With the charts below the math is done for you.

This can feel confusing at first. But it is pretty straight forward once you understand it. The dilution chart below shows the number of essential oil drops per carrier oil for the dilution rate you want to achieve. There are appx. 160 drops in a 10ml roller.

These are recommended amounts. Use common sense and listen to your body. Experienced essential oil users will use more oils but this is after they have used an oil for a while and know their own tolerance for the oil they are using.

Safety Tip

If you experience any discomfort add a carrier oil to your skin. A carrier oil is a vegetable based oil such as coconut oil, jojoba, argan oil, olive, etc... This will reduce that discomfort by slowing down the absorption of the essential oil into the skin. Water will not help because oil and water don't mix.

Fractionated coconut oil is my favorite carrier oil. It is simply coconut oil with some of the fats removed so that it stays in a liquid state. The reason I love it is because it doesn't stain my clothes, doesn't smell and absorbs nicely into my skin.

Citrus oils should not be used topically within 12 hours of going in the sun. They may cause a photosensitivity reaction.

Essential oils that may cause sensitivity and should always be diluted are: Oregano, Clove, Thyme, Lemongrass, Cinnamon and Cassia.

Essential Oil Roller Blend Supplies

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  • doTERRA Essential Oils
  • 10 mL Glass roller bottles
  • Carrier oil such as fractionated coconut oil
  • Labels - Avery 6570
  • Orifice reducer

Can we pause on the orifice reducer remover for a minute? This little tool is essential when making rollers! Save your fingers and use it to remove the roller tops and replace them. Trust me! You need an orifice reducer remover.

The best carrier oil for an essential oil roller blend

Carrier oils are vegetable/ seed & nut oils with little-to-no scent that are used to dilute essential oils. When applying oils topically, the carrier oil will reduce the potency of the essential oil, create a larger surface area, and also help them be absorbed into the skin better, reducing evaporation.

Fractionated coconut oil (we like to call it FCO for short) is the most commonly used and what is usually recommended but sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and olive oil are all also other options.

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How many drops of essential oil should I put in a roller bottle?

Let's talk about the benefits and importance of diluting your essential oils for maximum benefits as well as making sure we are using our oils safely.

Diluting your essential oils will help them be better absorbed into the skin (this helps you save money!) It is also a good idea to dilute if you have sensitive skin, or if using with children or the elderly.

Once you have your FCO or other carrier oil of choice, you can dilute your oils at the dilution ratio that you need.

For example, (to keep it simple!) when making a roller bottle for kids a good rule of thumb is about one drop of essential oil per year of life. So for a 5 year old (using a 10 mL roller bottle) you could have 5 drops of E.O. total and then top the rest with the FCO.

Where to apply your essential oil roller blend

  • Right where you need it!
  • Behind the neck
  • Over the heart
  • Wrists
  • Inside ankles and forearms
  • Along the spine
  • Bottom of the feet (safest spot for littles!)

Roller Safety

  • Essential oils are lipid based and do not mix with water. Use a carrier oil* or lotion for sensitivity.
  • These "hot" oils should always be diluted: Oregano, Lemongrass, Cinnamon, Cassia, Clove and Thyme.
  • Essential oils that should be diluted for young or sensitive skin: Black Pepper, Ginger, Wintergreen (smells like candy! keep out of child's reach), Geranium and Peppermint.

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